The Artists

Heather Watson and Peter Josic 
Heather is one of the owners of The Red Barns as well as our most diverse instructor. She began her journey as an artist 35 years ago with courses in photography and fabric arts. Twenty five  years ago she found her true calling when she taught herself how to create stained glass. Heather found that she loved working with glass so much that she quit her job in sales and began her own stained glass studio called "Glass Images" in Toronto.
Peter is The Red Barns’ other owner, Heather’s husband and our primary stained glass and woodworking instructor. Peter has always been an artist, ever since he was taught how to carve wood as a young boy in Austria. His love of art and drawing led him to a career as an architectural draftsman, a job that he worked at for 25 years. When he was offered early retirement Peter joined Heather in working at her stained glass studio. 
Together Peter and Heather ran  Glass Images for 17 years sharing their love of stained glass with hundreds of students each year. They were an instrumental part in the creation and operation of The Glass Art Guild and have both had their work exhibited and installed in homes, churches and art shows all over Toronto. While working with and teaching stained glass Heather and Peter have both taken many courses to expand and improve their skills. Peter has focused on studying woodworking, carving and forging while Heather has studied glass fusion, glass blowing and pottery. Their combined love of art and craft in many mediums has led them to begin The Red Barns, a place where they hope others will learn the enjoyment and fulfillment creating can bring.

William (Bill) Knispel
Bill is an artist based in Gamebridge, Ontario who likes to spend as much time as possible at the Red Barns creating unique works of art.  Bill was born in Manitoba and raised in Scotland. He spent many years in the Merchant Marines and travelled the world. Bill puts his heart into each one of his creations giving them life. Depicting natural and mythical characters his work speaks to his life's adventures. Bill carves mainly in wood, stone and bone. 
Antonia (Tony) Campbell
Tony enjoys being the resident potter at the Red Barns.  Tony currently resides in Picton, Ontario.  She was born in Falher, Alberta and moved to Quebec in 1953.  She began her work in pottery in 1977 at LeCentre des Art La Petite Eglise in Ste. Eustache, Quebec.  She gets great satisfaction from being able to create both functional and artistic works from what was once a simple mound of clay.  The focus of her work has been on the ancient native art of smoke and pit firing, to achieve unique and organic pieces. 

Martina Udovicic
Martina is a Toronto based artist who likes to spend as much time as possible escaping to create at The Red Barns in Picton. She has apprenticed as a traditional stained glass artisan for 10 years. She has also taken courses in lampworking (bead making) and traditional glass painting to enrich her glass crafting skills. She enjoys combining a variety of glass techniques with her love of design and fashion to create her own unique style of work. Martina has exhibited her work in the annual Glass Art Guild Exhibition, at the Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery and at a variety of Toronto art shops. Martina’s preferred mediums are glass fusing and slumping, lampworking, jewelry making and stained glass.

E.J. Davy
Born in Toronto in 1986, E.J. Davy grew up as the youngest of three in an Austrian-Canadian family. Growing up in Toronto, Davy was exposed to a diversity of people, culture, and aesthetic. Finding his passion at a young age in the art of hot glass, Davy’s first teacher, Alfred Engerer, taught him glass blowing and casting and to this day, is his mentor.

Hired by Catherine Hibbits at eighteen, Davy worked out of the Distillery District on large blown installations. In 2006, Davy moved to Oakville to attend Sheridan College, where he studied forming and casting hot glass, and continued to assist Engerer on a variety of projects.

After graduation, Davy spent the summer as the glassblowing resident in Picton Ontario’s Red Barns; An Artisan’s Playground. In October 2009, he was hired by Robert Held: Art Glass in Vancouver B.C. where he worked making solid pieces and assisting blowers. In spring 2010 Davy returned to Red Barns for another summer. In the last years, Eric  has been working hard as an artist participating in shows and galleries.